UCS Director Foundation

Course Description

In this 5-day hands-on course, you will learn how to implement basic Cisco UCS Director deployment solutions.  Starting with the concepts, architecture, and use cases
for UCS Director, you will install UCS Director and set up connectivity to physical and virtual infrastructure, create policies, service catalogs, and orchestration workflows, use UCS Director to provision bare metal servers and virtual machines, and set up a self-service portal.
The goal of this course is to ensure that you can implement the core features of Cisco UCS Director that most implementations require.


  • General knowledge of cloud and datacenter virtualization
  • Knowledge of Cisco UCS, NetApp Storage, Nexus, and VMware vCenter — DCUCI, DCUFI and VSICM recommended
  • Knowledge of datacenter processes and best practices

Who Should Attend

Data Center operations teams who will be involved in managing UCS Director environments.

Course Information

Length: 5 day

Format: Lecture and Lab

Delivery Method: Virtual / Onsite

Max. Capacity: 16

Learning Objectives

  • Install, configure, and manage Cisco UCS Director

  • Configure virtual data centers, policies, catalogs, and cost models

  • Create and monitor service requests for provisioning

  • Define workflows using orchestration

  • Administer the software effectively

  • Customize the features for building proof of concepts


1: Use UCS Director as an End User

2: Cisco UCS Director Guided Setup

3: Cisco UCS Director Customization

4: Add Virtual and Physical Accounts

5: Create Policies, VDCs, and Catalogs

6: Self-Service Portal and VM Provisioning

7: Chargeback and Reports

8: Orchestration

9: Provision Virtual Machines Using ISO

10: Virtual Machine Administration

11: System Center Virtual Machine Manager Integration

12: Virtual Machine Provisioning on System Center Virtual Machine Manager

13: Install and configure Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent

14: Adding Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent to UCS Director

15: Configuring Cisco UCS Manager using Cisco UCS Director

16: Add Cisco UCS Director Physical Compute Policies

17: Configuring UCS Service Profiles using UCS Director

18: Cisco UCS Director Storage Management and Monitoring