Data Center Network Manager for LAN

Course Description

Data Center Network Manager for LAN v11.1 (DCNM-LAN v11.1) is a one-day,
Instructor-Led Training program that covers implementation of Cisco Prime DCNM,
focusing on LAN devices. Attendees will be able to provision, monitor, and troubleshoot the data center network infrastructure. The visibility and control of the unified data center provided by DCNM allow data center support personnel to optimize the data center to meet service-level agreements.

The course provides a deep, intense, handson experience, focused on how to install and configure Cisco Prime DCNM version 6.3 and use its tools and features. Activities include verifying that DCNM functions correctly and that it delivers the expected visibility and other benefits.

**Please bring your laptop to ensure you can participate in the lab sessions.**


  • Good understanding of networking protocols and technologies
  • Good understanding of configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco Nexus switching equipment via the NX-OS command line interface (CLI)
  • Good understanding of the Cisco Nexus family-specific features, including: Virtual Device Contexts, Virtual Port Channels, FabricPath, Overlay Transport Virtualization, and Port Profiles

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for network managers, systems and field engineers, consulting systems engineers, technical solutions architects, and Cisco integrators and partners who install, implement, and manage the Cisco Nexus family of data center switches and fabric extenders.

Course Information

Length: 1 day

Format: Lecture and Lab

Delivery Method: Virtual / Onsite

Max. Capacity: 16

Learning Objectives

  • Describe Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager, including its features and supported products
  • Deploy Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager for LAN (DCNM-LAN)
  • Describe the requirements and procedures for getting started with DCNM-LAN
  • Describe scenarios where DCNM-LAN can be used to discover servers
  • Use DCNM-LAN to perform detailed network configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting 



  • Device Discovery and VXLAN-EVPN Underlay Deployment
  • Host Connectivity
  • VXLAN-EVPN Overlay Deployment
  • Streaming Telemetry and Application Framework
  • Device Discovery and VXLAN-EVPN Underlay Deployment
  • Add Switch Into Fabric via POAP Bootstrap
  • Manage Brownfield VXLAN-EVPN Fabric using DCNM
  • Configure Endpoint Locator
  • Network Deployment via REST API (Swagger)
  • Bulk Creation of Networks and VRFs