Firefly and SwiftStack partner to deliver Test Drives™ of SwiftStack’s Enterprise-grade Object Storage Solution

Firefly is pleased to announce a partnership with SwiftStack, the leader in a new breed of object storage, to deliver Test Drives™ of SwiftStack’s enterprise-grade object storage.

Firefly has over ten years of experience developing and delivering education to accelerate New Product Introduction (NPI) programs for technology vendors. Firefly invented the Test Drive™ model of pre-sales customer engagement in 2007. Firefly has since delivered over 8,000 Test Drives™ to end users and channel partners.

SwiftStack is building software to help users easily create large-scale object storage infrastructure in their own data center. This strategic partnership with SwiftStack continues to strengthen Firefly’s expertise and offerings around OpenStack. The SwiftStack Test Drive™ is not just about OpenStack Storage, but also provides an excellent content repository, backup and disaster recovery, archiving, Big Data/Hadoop and much more. Because it is software and open source, SwiftStack provides an affordable, scaleable option to meet large-storage needs.

“Firefly recognizes the market importance of OpenStack and in that same vein, we have started working with SwiftStack to offer a test drive workshop that gives organizations the ability to take a technical deep dive into the core functionality and benefits of SwiftStack’s Object Storage” said David Liebman, CTO Firefly. “In doing this, Firefly has also recognized the key value in introducing new, cutting-edge technologies to our customers. With SwiftStack, we have found it goes far beyond an Object Storage solution with the numerous use cases and values it brings.”  

About Firefly
Firefly focuses on accelerating technology adoption through our proven education model. Our mission is to use education to clearly demonstrate to customers how technology solutions can bring competitive advantages to their business. Our classes and content are designed to give IT professionals vital architectural knowledge in the shortest possible timeframe to help them drive innovation within their organizations by making faster, better, and more confident decisions.

About SwiftStack
SwiftStack innovations power object storage for Enterprises, offering freedom of choice for genuine simplicity and TCO at scale. SwiftStack has perfected the delivery of private cloud object storage within and across data centers for content delivery, active archive, and data-centric workflows. The SwiftStack solution, built on OpenStack Swift at its core, is managed by a unique out-of-band controller and includes scale-out nodes with rolling upgrades as well as a file system gateway interface for traditional applications. No object storage solution is as flexible, simple, or open as SwiftStack, which has driven adoption by HP Cloud, eBay, and PAC-12 among many F500 companies.