Network Visibility and Segmentation Self Drive (EN-NVS)


Course Description

As networks become ever more complex and devices are proliferating by the minute, it becomes harder to see what’s on the network, and harder to spot a threat. Cisco’s Network Visibility and Segmentation solution combine Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise, the Cisco Identity Services Engine, and Cisco TrustSec technology to enable fast threat detection, highly secure access, and software-defined segmentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the benefits of The Network Intuitive and the problems it solves
  • Describe the benefits of Cisco Network Embedded Security and the Network Visibility and Segmentation capabilities
  • Describe the Features of Cisco Stealthwatch
  • Discuss how TrustSec is used to distribute and provision automated policies to the network
  • Describe the benefits of combining ETA, Stealthwatch, ISE and CTA
  • Discuss how Cisco Catalyst 9300 enables enhanced network as a sensor with ETA


  1. Network Visibility
  2. Network Enforcement
  3. Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Who Should Attend

Technical Decision Makers

Course Info

Length: 2 day
Format: Lecture and Lab
Delivery Method: Onsite
Max. Capacity: 16

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