Installing and Configuring Meraki MV Cameras (ICM-MV-CT)

Course Description

Installing and Configuring Meraki MV Cameras (ICM-MV-CT)

This 1-day instructor-led Installing and Configuring Meraki MV Cameras (ICM-MV-CT) course provides students with the skills to configure, optimize, and troubleshoot a Cisco Meraki solution.

In Installing and Configuring Meraki MV Cameras (ICM-MV-CT), students will learn how to install and optimize Meraki Cameras. Students will also learn how to configure the Meraki Dashboard, troubleshoot and configure the Meraki environment and learn how to diagnose and resolve user and Network issues that may arise.

Learning Objectives

  • Navigate and Configure the Dashboard 
  • Add MX/MR/MS/MV devices to the Dashboard Understand and Configure Configuration Templates Understand and Configure Group Policies
  • Manage/Configure/Integrate Users and Radius Policies Configure, Monitor, and Troubleshoot MR Access Points Monitor Meraki Network Health
  • Troubleshoot devices and Connectivity


  1. Adding Cameras to a dedicated Network
  2. Connecting APs to the Network
  3. Configuring Basic information including Tags
  4. Configuring Users
  5. Configure admins
  6. Configuring Camera Settings
  7. Configuring Video Settings
  8. Configuring Camera Analytics
  9. Configuring MV NightMode
  10. Create Recording Schedule
  11. Motion Based Recording
  12. Configuring Camera Retention
  13. View Camera Events
  14. Cloud Proxy Viewing
  15. Direct Streaming
  16. Searching Video for Events
  17. Creating Configuring  Video Wall Boards
  18. Troubleshooting Camera Connectivity
  19. Using the Event Log for Camera Events
  20. Configure Wall Boards

Course Information

Length: 1 day

Format: Lecture and Lab

Delivery Method: Virtual / Onsite

Max. Capacity: 16


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Who Should Attend

IT Staff and Managers, Network and systems personnel and engineers, Small to mid-sized organizations that require fundamental knowledge on networking terms/concepts and configuration guidance for Meraki equipment, This also includes organizations looking to implement remote sites, provide a guest wireless solution, and collect user analytics