Understanding VLANs and L2Outs (VLANS-L2OUTS-WEB)

Course Description

In order to properly deploy and implement ACI, a solid understanding of VLANs and L2Outs is critical.  

In this webinar you will learn the purpose of VLANs in ACI, how L2Outs work, and how you can extend the ACI fabric to a legacy environment. We will cover:

  • Different type of VLANs
  • How L2Outs work
  • Options for extending the ACI fabric to a legacy environment

The webinar will last approx. 1 hour 15 mins depending on the number of questions.
We held this session a few weeks ago, but consider it such an important topic that we are hosting it again.  Either join us for a refresher or come listen for the first time. The format for the session is live lab and whiteboarding.

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Gaston Brait is an ACI SME with hands-on experience designing and implementing large scale Datacenters