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ACI - Ask the Expert

We have covered a number of ACI topics since April, and thought this week we would have an open session for you to bring your questions for Gaston to answer.

Topics we have reviewed to date include:

  • Application Centric vs. Network Centric - What Does It Mean For Me?
  • Understanding ACI Fabric Forwarding
  • ACI - What I Wish I Knew on my First Deployment
  • Understanding VLANs and L2Outs
  • ACI Multi-Site Deep Dive
  • ACI Migration Strategy

The webinar will last approximately 1 hour 45 mins depending on the number of questions.

There will be a live lab and whiteboarding.


Thursday, July 30 @ 11 am PST



Gaston Brait is an ACI SME with hands-on experience designing and implementing large scale Datacenters