WebEx Teams - End User Training (WEBT-EUT-CT)


Course Description

In this 4-hour training, users will learn how to use Webex Teams. Including how to create spaces for one on one spaces and Team Collaboration spaces. Students will also learn how to create and format Messages, schedule and manage one-on-one Meetings and Team Meetings, and use Webex Calling to communicate with other Webex Team users and PSTN Users.

Learning Objectives

  • Webex Teams
  • WebEx Teams Clients
  • WebEx Teams Messaging
  • WebEx Teams Meetings
  • WebEx Teams Calling

Who Should Attend

Webex Teams, WebEx Teams Clients, WebEx Teams Messaging, WebEx Teams Meetings, WebEx Teams Calling

Course Info

Length: 0.5 day
Format: Lecture
Delivery Method: Virtual / Onsite
Max. Capacity: 16

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