Course Description

ACI uses specialized Managed Objects called L3Out to access outside devices over a routed Layer 3 connection. If you missed the session last month, please join Gaston Brait where he will whiteboard and review these objects and discuss their use.  All ACI Fabrics use this type of Managed Object for Layer 3 connections. These include ACI connections to external routers, firewalls, non-ACI datacenters, and during migration. Customers often find these connections confusing. This webinar will attempt to simplify some of the details surrounding these ACI Objects.

This webinar will cover:

  • Learning external routes via static routes or dynamic routing protocols
  • Distributing learned external routes to other ACI leaf switches
  • Advertising internal BD subnets outside of ACI
  • L3Outs in transit routing
  • L3Out connectivity to single and multiple external connection points
  • L3Out contract architectures
  • L3Out APIC configuration options

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Gaston Brait is an ACI SME with hands-on experience designing and implementing large scale Datacenters